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Since their successful Kennedy Center debut in 1996, Janet Chvatal and Scott Kritzer are capturing the hearts of song lovers across two continents. Stepping away from the traditional "stiffness" of the classical vocal recital they are giving audiences a truly fresh alternative: the inviting and intimate six strings of the guitar, blended perfectly underneath the warmth and sensuality of a pure, captivating voice.

"The tempurature rises just thinking about them!"
-Sforzando Magazine

Their concerts are being hailed "the NEW chamber music" because their repertoire is so original, and their chemistry on stage is electrifying. Anyone who experiences them in live performance will agree. Their stage presence is so playful and casual that they quickly strip away any of the "stuffyness" usually associated with classical music and classical concert going. Even the new generation of CD buyers have finally found a live counterpart to the relaxed and totally personal "sofa -listening" of their own living rooms:

"The entire evening felt like my own private serenade."
-The Durango Herald

After three years touring the United States, the Duo released their debut CD in 1998, "Songs of the Americas". Since then, their popularity has extended to Canada and Europe. Two recent European performances included concerts for the new Millenium with the stars from the Cirque du Soleil and the award-winning Musical, Riverdance. Audiences of over 8000 packed themselves into the "Festhalle" in Frankfurt, and the "Rheingoldhalle" in Mainz, Germany.

This coming season will see the release of their second CD "Arias and Lullabies" on MIRAMONT Records. In this recording the Duo is backed by the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Munich in new arrangements of great opera melodies and unforgettable tunes like Gerschwin's Summertime and Carmen's Habanera.

But to be sure, the real magic of this Duo is in the experience of their live performances.

Their concerts offer what one critic called:

"...a real, viable alternative to the stuffy atmosphere of the classical vocal recital. In the sensitive hands of Kritzer, and the elegant vocalism of Chvatal, these timeless classics are being reborn... for the hopeless romantic in all of us, here at last is ROMANTICISM, vibrant and sensual... alive and well."

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